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These long-standing professional photography and videography companies have provided world-class products to circuit competitors for many years. They are vendors which work independently from the circuit, and we provide the following contact information for those guards interested in their products: 

Performance Photography by Bateman  

Terry D. Bateman (Master of Photography, Craftsman, PPA Certified) of Performing Arts Photography By Bateman Inc (

Photography by Bateman, Inc.
5352 North Tacoma Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46220
Phone: (317) 253-6331
Fax: (317) 253-6395

To find previous year's photos:


Videography by Sound Memories  

Al Kohout and his team from Sound Memories ( takes professional video action throughout our Championships. Using multiple cameras, they record from various angles, and invest hundreds of hours in post-production editing to create the best "once-in-a-lifetime" memories performers.

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