QUALIFICATIONS: Past experience working with competitive performing arts groups is recommended, but not required, for consideration

REPORTS TO: Student Activities Director

SALARY: Determined in Appendix B of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement.

FUNCTIONS & RESPONSIBILITIES: The Winter Guard is an extension of the music and performing arts programs at Grant Community High

School. This group competes against area schools in weekend competitions, performs at select home

games during halftime, and performs at the Winter Pep Rally.


    - The Winter Guard coach collaborates with the Fall Flags coach during the fall season to ensure that students have materials and routines to rehearse during allocated            instructional time

    - The Winter Guard coach ensures that Grant Community High School is represented in a minimum of two competitions during the winter season.

    - The Winter Guard coach attends and the Flags Corps perform at select home Varsity games throughout the regular season and playoff season.

    - The Winter Guard coach coordinates the team in creating and performing a routine for the Winter Pep Rally.

    - The Winter Guard coach facilitates at least two practices per week during the competitive season to prepare routines.

    - The Winter Guard coach ensures that the group is represented at the district’s 8 th  Grade Enrollment Nights at recruitment tables. The coach and student                  members must be present.

    - The Winter Guard coach will collaborate with the Student Activities Director to allocate activity funds for purchases of Flags Corps supplies such as silks, poles,        and costumes.

    - The Winter Guard coach submits a semester calendar of events to the Student Activities Director by December 1st on an annual basis.

    - The Winter Guard coach submits an anticipated budget to the Activities Director by December 1st  annually.

    - The Winter Guard coach submits a roster to the Activities Director by December 10 th  .


    - November: Establish tryouts and tentative practice schedule

    - December: Submit calendar, anticipated budget, and team roster to Student Activities Director begin regular practice schedule

    - January: Participate in both evenings of 8 th  Grade Enrollment Night, Pep Assembly

    - February: Participate in competitions and games

    - March: Participate in competitions and games

    - April: Participate in Championships

    - May: End of the year party, clean tarp and return equipment


If interested, please apply via or email

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